About our Products

How to use the teeth whitening kit?

Once you have received your amazing package follow the steps below:

  1. Open the back of the LED light (where the battery is placed) and remove the plastic below the battery.
  2. Apply the teeth whitening gel onto the walls of the mouth tray and place in your mouth ensuring that the gel covers your teeth.
  3. Activate the LED Light and sit tight for 10 Minutes.  When the light beeps, rinse out your mouth and clean your mouth tray.
  4. The teeth whitening kit will give you 6-9 applications. Use the gel every day until you are happy with the results.  To maintain the results, apply the teeth whitening pen or purchase additional refill packs and apply monthly.

How to use the teeth whitening pen?

    1. Remove the lid
    2. Twist the bottom of the pen clockwise.  This should release Gel onto the brush/applicator.
    3. Apply the gel using the brush/application onto each tooth
    4. Hold the biggest smile you can for approx 2 min
    5. Close mouth – no need to rinse

    Here are some extra little tips & tricks you can try to ensure you get the best results:

    ▪️Do your applications just before bed so your freshly whitened teeth have a break from food and drink stains

    ▪️Brush your teeth thoroughly and then dry them with a clean dry face cloth before applying the teeth whitening gel

    ▪️Rub a small amount of the teeth whitening gel over your teeth with your finger before placing the mouthguard in your mouth
    ▪️Apply pressure to the mouthguard during the application process (you can also extend your lips over the mouthguard to avoid holding in place with your hands)
    ▪️Avoid dark coloured food and drinks during your 6-9 applications eg: Coffee,Red Wine etc.
    ▪️Add an extra 5 minutes of processing time to your applications
    ▪️After rinsing the teeth whitening gel out of your mouth, follow up with our peroxide free teeth whitening pen


♦ How many uses per kit?

Each Kit contains approximately 9 applications.

♦ How long does each application take?

Each application only takes 10 minutes.  The LED light increases the oxidation of the whitening gel which accelerates the whitening process, Our LED light also has an indicator which beeps when the 10 minutes is up, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the time. Whiter teeth in only ten minutes a day…. Yes please.

Can I use kit if I am breastfeeding?

This is probably the number one question we receive daily. Firstly if you are breastfeeding congratulations on your new little bundle of joy. Our kit is peroxide free and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals so you shouldn’t have any issues using while breastfeeding, That being said for precautionary reasons we recommend consulting with your GP prior to starting any new treatments while breastfeeding as there is always a risk of allergies etc, You will find a full list of ingredients listed in the products page of our website, Please feel free to show this to your GP at your next consultation.

♦ Why Peroxide Free?

While peroxide is a useful bleaching agent it can also have some serious side effects when used in teeth whitening products. Side effects can include chemical burns to the sensitive tissue in your mouth, teeth and gums causing pain or sensitivity in the teeth and weakening your tooth enamel. Our specifically designed peroxide free formula when activated by the LED light works to gently remove stains and whiten effectively without leaving you with any sensitivity or damaged tooth enamel, so you can enjoy a pain free beautiful white smile.

♦ How does the LED light whiten my teeth?

The LED light included in our kit uses the same technology as the teeth whitening lights you will find in dental offices. The LED light increases the oxidation process of the teeth whitening gel which accelerates the whitening process and is a much safer option for your tooth enamel than using a peroxide based formula.

♦ Will it damage my teeth?

No. unlike many peroxide laden teeth whitening companies, our unique peroxide free formula will not damage your teeth. Using a sodium bicarbonate base our teeth whitening formula works to gently remove stubborn stains without penetrating the tooth enamel, meaning you can use as often as you need without having to worry about causing damage or sensitivity.

♦ Are your products cruelty free? 

Yes, absolutely 100% cruelty free, Animals are for loving and cuddling not testing on. While our products don’t contain any nasty chemicals, They have been tried and tested by willing consenting testers.

Shipping, Delivery and Returns

What countries do you ship to?

EVERY COUNTRY!!! We ship worldwide because we believe that everyone around the world should be able to have a bright white confident smile, After all smiles are a universal language.

Please note that some countries may receive customs duty/tax which is the responsibility of the customer (not covered by The Happy Teeth Company).

What are the shipping time frames?

Our orders are packed daily and shipped from Australia. Estimated Shipping times below:

Standard Domestic Delivery: 2-8 Business Days

Standard International Delivery: 6+ Business Days

Should you have any specific requests, further questions, want to request express shipping or need help with tracking your parcel, please feel free to contact us via the contact tab.

Somethings wrong, can I return my product?

We are happy to exchange the products if there are any defects.  We cannot refund or exchange the product due to your dissatisfaction on the results. All postage on returns must be paid by the user.  Please email contact@thehappyteethcompany.com for more information.