The Happy Teeth Company strive to provide products that are not only effective but also care for your teeth.

While there are many teeth whitening companies on the market these days, a lot of them are full of  peroxide and other harmful chemicals.

While peroxide is a useful bleaching agent it can also have some serious side effects when not correctly used in teeth whitening products.

Our Specifically designed peroxide free formula when activated by the LED light works to gently remove stains and whiten effectively without leaving you with any sensitivity or damaged tooth enamel, so you can enjoy a pain free beautiful white smile.

At The Happy Teeth Company we LOVE animals and refuse to test any of our products on our furry little friends, While our products don’t contain any nasty chemicals they have been tried and tested by willing consenting testers.

We are a passionate bunch here at The Happy Teeth Company, We are sure you will LOVE  our products as much as we do and we know that you will be left with very Happy Teeth

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